Сказка на английском о приключении маленькой принцессы



Студент English Tochka написал чудесную сказку о своей дочери, и мы решили ею поделиться. Текст полностью авторский - мы сохранили всю пунктуацию и грамматику.


Once upon a time, a little girl was born in a small satellite town near the capital of a beautiful country. Her parents fancied all adventures where they would learn something interesting and new for them. Due to this inclination, the little girl traveled with her parents since her birthday.

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The girl was very beautiful and was called Little Princess by her parents.

Her first great adventure was to a foreign country, which was located about 500 kilometers from their home. She was just 1 month old at that time, but she already liked traveling.

There was a long difficult trip ahead when her parents were struggling with many different issues and striving to get to that destination as soon as possible. Sitting in her car seat, Little Princess was very calm and enjoyed the opportunity to observe the unknown world. Finally, they arrived to the amazing castle where they planned to stay for one week.

Eventually the whole family moved to the new home in this new country because they found a new opportunity to make a living for themselves there. The new life started on that day.

Her parents favored Little Princess to be a beautiful and gifted girl. They bought her many nice dresses, shoes, many books about delightful adventures, nature and the surrounding world. So interesting were those books for her, that as a rule, she was reading and looking at them many times during the whole day. Furthermore, her fascination with adventures and discovering the world started at an early age.

Chapter 1. Fairyland

One day her father decided to go to the fairyland where they could discover another nature, people, culture and a beautiful sea. To get to there they should have used her godfather's help who knew the way. He was persuaded to go with Little Princess’s family and he was not on the fence about that trip and said that it was feasible. Little Princess’s father was on good terms with her godfather and in awe of him.Taking that fact into account, they were considered like two peas in a pod. Godfather of Little Princess was a wise, kind, and outgoing man who lived in the capital of her motherland.

As it was mentioned before, they drove to the godfather’s home in the magic and incomparable father’s car, which could get them there in a half a day.

They had the time of them life with godfather’s family which was excited about spending that time with our little girl. After that, they had been ready to the next step of their journey to the unpredictable fairyland.

According to the trip schedule, they should have flown on the plane to the fairyland next morning.


There was a fancy, big and bright plane, taking the whole their company into the unknown country. Little Princess was so delightful having that trip. However, when the plane got one kilometer up to the sky, she had slept on her mother's hands and it did not allow engaging the whole plane’s crew for playing games with her.

After landing in the fairyland, the whole company was so excited by that Southern country. They were not tired because the jet lag was absent. A servant picked them up to their new house.

The first great journey was started at that time.

One way or the other, the whole family was immersed in the local environmental and they immediately needed to get to know the new country.

Then they wanted to have a dinner, but they absolutely have no idea where any restaurants were. After a while, the Little Princess’s godfather suggested testing the waters and asking around for finding an appropriate place for dinner. It was actually a coincidence, but in three minutes they came across to a couple of their fellow compatriots, and they were recommended a fancy place for having a dinner.

On a small street hid the interesting local restaurant nearby her new home. The servant, who worked there, showed own initiative and proposed many local delicious meals for them. Those dishes were really great, delicious and absolutely different than ones were usually cooked by family. It was an amazing experience for Little Princess, but she got tired and wanted to sleep after that time spent in the fairyland.

Next morning our little girl was waked up by the working of the local building crew. Their instruments sounded like: «Wake, wake, rise, and shine!». After delicious breakfast having a spring in their step, our travel team went through the concrete jungle on the special footpath to the sea and Little Princess had seen the sea first time in her life. She devoted a half a day for the seaside walking around barefoot and it turned out that she got an essential delight from it. Her parents were full of the joys of spring seeing their daughter’s eyes and her smiling face.

Enjoying the sea and the fantastic fairyland it has been two weeks.

The first great adventure of Little Princess was over and the whole company got back to their home.

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